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Market Equities Research Group provides timely and in-depth fact based equity research white papers and reports - focusing on companies that possess a commitment to maximizing shareholder value and which exhibit a favorable balance between risk and reward.

Specialized Industry Research

Offering extensive market verity research with a view toward the intermediate and long term.


High Quality, Independent Verity Research

Providing information and overviews within a mandate established on a consistent and unbiased basis. Because we understand the importance of relationships to fact based equity research white papers and decision processes, we regularly visit companies, talk to management and bring insight to the fore.


Timely Reporting

Market Equities Research Group staff is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources that enable us to both obtain and deliver value-added information on a timely basis. Market Equities Research teams provide up-to-date industry and company-specific reports.


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March 2, 2023 Research Report summary on Quebec Nickel Corp.: https://marketequitiesresearch.com/MarketEquitiesResearch-QNI-March2-23.pdf


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