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Saint Jean Carbon Inc. is Top Technology Breakout Candidate; Battery Manufacturers have Commissioned its Technology

  • Panasonic is continually pushing the technological envelope and looking to upset the apple-cart; it is Panasonic that Tesla relies upon as the exclusive supplier of batteries for the Tesla Model S, Model X, and upcoming mass-market Model 3. The apparent connections and possible fit between Panasonic/Tesla with the innovation, personnel, and announcements coming out of Saint Jean Carbon Inc. is getting difficult to ignore.

  • Saint Jean Carbon Inc. at the forefront of the next generation of batteries.

Simon Levinson,

Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

Technology, Green Energy, Power Storage, Transportation, Mining, Industrial

TSX-V: SJL,  OTC: TORVF, Frankfurt: WNFN,


Share: C$0.06

MCap: ~C$11.1M

On: 01/20/2017


52-Week: C$0.025–C$0.0.85



Shares O/S: ~184.7M



Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (TSX-V: SJL) (US Listing: TORVF) (Frankfurt: WNFN) is a budding technology company specializing in technological innovation and applications surrounding the refinement of graphite to atomic and near-atomic levels.


Investment Thesis -- Near-term (12 month) share price target C$0.50.


Saint Jean Carbon has transitioned from being a commodity junior miner to one of the most advanced graphene technology companies in North America by partnering with some of the top research facilities in the world, attracting highly skilled technical talent, and in the process facilitating an array of intellectual property that appears poised to reap huge gains for shareholders. Saint Jean Carbon recently appointed as Chief Technology Officer the top Li-ion battery expert in the world, Dr. Zhongwei Chen PhD, MSChE, BS, -- we note a person of his calibre has his choice of entities to associate with, the fact he has chosen Saint Jean Carbon adds to our level of confidence that the Company is on a pathway to becoming an integral participant in the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors.


The Company has been commissioned to build the first high speed commercial graphite shaping and carbon coating mill in North America. The mill will grind, size, shape and coat graphite for the lithium-ion battery industry for use in electric cars and bulk energy storage -- Saint Jean Carbon Inc. is bound by confidentiality and non disclosure agreements from saying with who, but most people looking at their specifications of material are logically immediately able to take the leap and say its Tesla. The Company's proprietary Spherical Carbon Coated Graphite (SCCG) technology has efficiencies far superior to what others are capable of and has so impressed lithium-ion battery manufacturers that after this first mill is installed on site at a major electric vehicle manufacturers new facilities, later in 2017, the successful marrying of SJL's SCCG process to other materials and processes of the manufacturer is expected to translate into an off-take agreement for the Company to supply raw materials, grind, shape, and coat 150,000 tonnes per year of spherical carbon coated graphite for 20 years, generating $350 to $500 million/per year in revenue at capacity. This first mill is being built as a prototype/first-shot at proofing what is going on the EV company's anodes, the mill will continue as a rolling start to bigger numbers just mentioned. Shaped graphite is a major component of Li-ion batteries. Currently the company is in the process of finalizing the engineering model and equipment designs for the first high speed commercial shaping and coating mill in North America.


Saint Jean Carbon Inc. is also at the forefront of the next generation of batteries; this January-2017 the Company announced it has started the design and build of a graphene based lithium-ion battery.


Excerpt of recent (January 19, 2017) news from Saint Jean Carbon:


Saint Jean Carbon Builds First Graphene Based Lithium-ion Battery


OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - January 19, 2017) - Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (“Saint Jean” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:SJL), a carbon science company engaged in the design and build of green energy storage, green energy creation and green re-creation through carbon materials. The Company is pleased to announce it has started the design and build of a graphene based lithium-ion battery; based on the Company’s graphene production capabilities the material being produced is 99.999999%gC and a single layer of graphite measuring one atom in thickness will be used to create the anode.

With two years of research completed and with great samples of graphene produced, the Company feels strongly that due to the fact that no harsh chemicals or heat has been used to produce the graphene, the high order of carbon is kept in perfect condition, creating the possibility of the highest performance seen in a lithium-ion battery to date.


Paul Ogilvie, CEO, commented: “
Research is being conducted around the world in the graphene space, we feel our strategy to focus on real world applications where the graphene may play a leading role is important to the Company’s growth strategy and strengthens our global positioning as a green technology company. As our battery projects continue; from spherical shaped carbon coated graphite, recycled battery materials and to now applying our graphene expertise to lithium-ion batteries, this tremendously rounds out our research.

Graphene can make batteries that are light, durable and suitable for high capacity energy storage, as well as shorten charging times. This will extend the battery’s life, which is negatively linked to the amount of carbon that is coated on the graphite or added to electrodes to achieve conductivity. Graphene adds conductivity without requiring the amounts of carbon that are used in conventional batteries.

Graphene can improve such battery attributes such as energy density. Li-ion batteries can be enhanced by introducing graphene to the battery’s anode and capitalizing on the material’s conductivity and large surface area to achieve morphological optimization and performance. here for full copy from source


Additionally, Saint Jean Carbon Inc. announced on November 24, 2016 a collaborative project with a 'their main battery manufacturing partner' regarding the building of the world's first recycled high performance Lithium-ion battery (click here for full copy of that release from source). The battery will use recycled/upcycling material from an electric car power pack and the upcycled anode material from Saint Jean Carbon. This battery will prove the life cycle of the raw materials can be extended by being re-used over and over again, and help to further position Saint Jean as an integral player in the future of the energy storage sector. We can only speculate who that 'main battery manufacturing partner' is, however it is increasingly clear when we connect the dots that this is all shaping up to be a spectacular opportunity for shareholders establishing a long position in SJL.V now; when Saint Jean Carbon is in a position to disclose the name of their 'main battery manufacturing partner' we expect things will heat up dramatically attention-wise.


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