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Market Equities Research - Market Bulletin December 11, 2020 3:40 PM ET


Health Canada Issues Notice of Compliance for REDESCA, Valeo Pharma Continues to Execute on In-Licensing Strategy


Share data, Capitalization, & Corporate info

 Shares Outstanding:  64,075,359

 (includes recently closed brokered financing)

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$1.10/share (CSE: VPH)

 52 Week High/Low: CDN$0.25 / $1.87

 Current Market Capitalization: ~CDN$72 million

 Corporate Website: www.valeopharma.com



Pipeline Rollout Progresses -- Industrial Alliance Sees Near-Term $2.00 Share Price Target


Valeo Pharma Inc. (CSE: VPH) (OTCQB: VPHIF) (Frankfurt: VP2) is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company primarily focused on in-licensing prescription drugs for the Canadian market. In-licensing allows Valeo to acquire (without the hassle of R&D expenditure and risk) the Canadian rights from international drug manufacturers wanting access to the Canadian markets. Valeo does everything to make the drug a commercial success that a big pharmaceutical company would do after it develops a drug. Valeo maintains, in-house, all the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to register and manage a drug through all stages of commercialization. Valeo focuses its efforts primarily on commercial stage, innovative and proprietary drugs targeting three therapeutic areas; 1) Neurodegenerative diseases, 2) Oncology, and 3) Hospital Specialty Products.


The Company has several products in the market now, and is launching a pipeline of products. Of particular note, this week Valeo Pharma announced that Health Canada has issued a Notice of Compliance for REDESCA® and REDESCA® HP low molecular weight heparin (“LMWH”) biosimilars. Valeo will launch sales of REDESCA® in Q1-2021. There is a new wave/push in Canada to support biosimilars. Alberta and BC are mandating the use of biosimilars, and it is expected that Ontario and Quebec will follow suit imminently -- the cost savings are too enormous to ignore. The Provinces spend $billions on drugs every year, and biosimilars can often be ~25% - 50% cheaper. Biosimilars are the same as the biologic originals/competition, they are however created from a living organism and every lot fluctuates minutely, thus they are not identical and are treated like a new drug by Health Canada. LMWH is a fairly large market in Canada; it is a ~$200M+ market used in various common surgical procedures as an anticoagulant agent (e.g. hip replacements, knee replacements, cardiac procedures) and is also used in some cases for patients suffering from Covid-19. Valeo's REDESCA® will be the fourth player in the low molecular weight heparin market in Canada. With Valeo's REDESCA® entrance at a lower price, and biosimilar access across the spectrum of drugs being increasingly pushed by the Provinces, Valeo should capture a respectable share of the Canadian market.


This December 9, 2020 Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. issued an updated report regarding Valeo and its REDESCA®. In the report the analysts issued a Buy rating and $2.00 target price on shares of CSE:VPH. The full report may be viewed at https://sectornewswire.com/IASecurities-Report-Valeo-Pharma-VPH-Dec9-2020.pdf online.


Here are 3 facts about REDESCA® that investors in Valeo will appreciate:

1) REDESCA® is the first, and only biosimilar enoxaparin approved in Canada with over 8 years of worldwide safety and experience.

• Over 140 million patients lives treated.

• Proven safety and efficacy.

• This provide confidence that there are no safety or efficacy issues with REDESCA® biosimilar.


2) REDESCA® is the first, and only biosimilar enoxaparin approved in Canada with a comparative clinical trial in a high risk venous thromboembolism patient population.

• REDESCA® was approved on the basis of a comprehensive clinical trial program which included a comparative trial with the reference Lovenox. 

• The clinical trial demonstrated bioequivalence in safety and efficacy in a high risk venous thromboembolism population; no other biosimilar has this clinical proof. 

• The comparative trial demonstrated that a new once daily dosing is effective and equivalent in this population.


3) REDESCA® is the first, and only, biosimilar enoxaparin approved in Canada with the complete line of formats similar to Lovenox.

• The only biosimilar enoxaparin with the multi-dose vial, a necessary format for hospital pharmacy.

• Having a complete line enables customers to easily convert their use to REDESCA® from Lovenox.


On the financial front Valeo Pharma is knocking it out of the park, is now achieving breakeven as of Q4-2020, and accelerating revenue-wise from there; revenues are projected to go from ~$10M in 2020 to near $90M within a couple years based on the existing and fast growing product pipeline with the help of two recent product additions; 1) ONSTRYV®, the 1st Parkinson's Disease treatment launched in Canada since 2006 (now approved in Canada, marketing underway with access incrementally coming online), and 2) the aforementioned REDESCA®. Also of noteworthy revenue potential, and not factored into the projection is the recent launch of Valeo’s new HesperCo™ bioflavenoid. Additionally, not factored into the projection is the fact that Valeo's business development team is active in negotiating new in-licensing deals (yet to be announced, but certain to spark additional forward discounted value when they do).


Valeo Pharma Inc. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol VPH, OTCQB: VPHIF, Frankfurt: VP2. The following URLs have been identified for additional DD on Valeo Pharma Inc.:


Corporate website: https://www.valeopharma.com


Recent Technology Journal: https://technologymarketwatch.com/vph.htm

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